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Client's Charter


Our Client’s Charter reflects our commitment to providing a high quality service, and has been established to outline what GACC does for you, and how we can work together to improve the services that we offer. We aim to provide access to information resources and assistance in using them, and offer support to enable the development of the skills needed to fulfil our clients’ current and future information needs. We value your feedback on our performance.


GACC is a centre that collaborates with other faculties at UMP such as the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering and Faculty of Industrial Management in conducting their respective German degree programs. We focus totally on the needs of our clients in order to continuously improve our services, and be responsive, innovative and professional in our endeavours. We are dedicated to meeting our clients’ information needs by delivering an extensive range of services.


GACC members of staff are well-trained and committed to providing high quality services and will:

  • help provide detailed information;
  • immediately respond to enquiries or redirect them to member of staff in another department or centre, if necessary;
  • maintain a courteous and cooperative relationship with clients;
  • continuously strive to be aware of the requirements of the respective faculties, operational management and disciplines;
  • offer advice on how to enhance the impact of publications; and
  • help with the organization of archives.