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Course Structure

The first four semesters are dedicated to the foundation of the engineering subject. Along with the foundation, in compliance with the German requirement for the so-called Praktikum of 12 weeks, every student applying for an engineering subject has to undergo practical training sessions.

After the fifth semester, an assessment of the academic and German language knowledge is conducted by the International Office of HsKA and GACC UMP. Based on the results, only qualified students are allowed to continue their studies under the DADP. Outstanding students will have the opportunity to go to Germany in the following semesters as well as for their industrial training.

To cater for the needs of the industry, the DDP is extended to 9 semesters to ensure there will be adequate time for practical training. GACC provides support for students of this program in finding suitable companies for their industrial attachment. The minimum period is one semester. Optionally, it can be extended for another two months. This would give the students an advantage should there be German companies in search of interns or apprentices both in Malaysia and at their respective headquarters in Germany.

Every student will spend the final two semesters concentrating on the final year undergraduate research leading up to submission of a thesis in which the topic should ideally be derived from the preceding industrial training. Upon completion of the thesis and the final examinations, the student will be awarded with a bachelor's degree in engineering by both HsKA and also UMP. 


Course Structure