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This is indeed a momentous event for UMP, particularly to the members of the Faculty of Manufacturing and Mechatronics Engineering Technology, Faculty of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering Technology, and Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology, and also the German Academic Collaboration Centre who have been working very hard to bring this strategic collaboration to fruition since the last 10 years for Mechatronics, followed by Automotive and soon with Electrical programme.
The signing of this extension of Memorandum of Understanding today marks the 10 years of our strategic collaboration with Karlsruhe University, thus strengthening UMP’s linkage with German higher education institutions. Therefore, we are truly delighted to have HsKA as our strategic partner, enabling UMP to benefit from HsKA’s strong foundation and establishment in the field of Engineering and Technology.
Furthermore, the signing of the Letter of Intent for Bachelor Degree Programme in Electrical Engineering today marks further expansion on the cooperation between UMP and HsKA.
After more than a decade of our existence as a Public University, UMP has decided to embark on more challenging courses in order to strategically position itself as an institution of high calibre and repute, both locally and internationally.
Within that Strategic Plan’s framework, all Faculties and Departments in UMP are tasked to set their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that correspond to those internationalization factor, whereby every faculty in UMP was set to have collaboration programmes internationally.

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